Windows 7 Supports RAID1

Disk Mirroring for Desktops, umm interesting!!

I just found out that Windows 7 Supports RAID 1 or Disk Mirroring as it’s commonly known as. It’s the first MS Client OS to support RAID1. For me it’s interesting to see RAID for desktops as untill recently it was something so niche that it was only available for servers. It’s amusing how niche tech becomes common place so fast.

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2 Responses to Windows 7 Supports RAID1

  1. Evgenij Smirnov says:

    Well, seeing as virtually any desktop motherboard has RAID1 functionality implemented in the chipset nowadays – be it true or fake RAID, they probably thought it wouldn’t do any harm to enable this functionality in the OS also.

    Personally, I wouldn’t miss software RAID for a second if it disappeared altogether, except for the Storage Server, of course.


    • Sreeraj Nair says:

      Hey Evgenij, nice to see you on my blog…….. well, yes software RAID pales in comparison to it’s hardware counterpart but it can still be useful to some people like – PC Gamers, who wouldn’t want all their games (and their saved stages) go away with a hard disk crash, with RAID 1 they now have an answer to that.


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