The “SERVER” and “WORKSTATION” services

Why are they named so??

The file and printer sharing service in Windows is called the “SERVER” service but every other server service has a name which explains what it serves, like DNS Service or the DHCP service then why does the file and printer sharing service call itself as just SERVER as if it were an all encompassing service and all the other server based services are dependent on it? Although other services are not dependent on it but it’s name gives that illusion. Here’s the actual reason……….

In the olden days when Microsoft started writing network software there was just one thing that the OSs served – File and Printer Sharing. So, any server meant file and printer sharing server and hence the name was given to the service which provided it. Over the years nobody bothered to change the name and it just remained that way. That also explains the name “WORKSTATION” given to the client service for file and print server.

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