I’m Back!!

OK, So here I’m with my next blog after about two and a half years, That’s a loooong time which flew really fast. I got married in the interim and life has turned on it’s head since then, I’m finding that being married is quite “different” from being single, your priorities change completely and you start leading …. ummmm a very ‘different’ life for the lack of a better word. But my absence from the blogging sphere was not entirely due to that, one of the other more important reasons was my original motto behind writing blogs – that I would write only on topics on which not many people have written on the internet. I knew it would be difficult to find such topics but then writing a blog a day was never my intent. Now, I have decided to write about things that I encounter in my everyday tech life, it could be a difficult to solve problem or just something that attracts my attention. If nothing, it would serve as my online diary of tech solutions which would at least ensure that I don’t end up slogging for the same kind of problem again, if I end up helping some folks by way of doing that, then I would consider myself lucky 🙂

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